Avoid Contact Center Problems with Voice Biometrics Solution

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Poor contact center services will reduce the company’s value in the eyes of customers. Customers who reach the contact center want their problems to be resolved properly and quickly. Generally, customers have to go through a long process to verify their data before going to the complaint and solution stage. Voice biometrics is an excellent solution for improving your company’s contact center services and overcoming the long verification process problem. Before knowing more about voice biometrics solutions that can improve contact center services, let us first understand the common problems that contact centers often face.


Common Contact Center Problems

Customers want to be served well when reaching a contact center. Many customers are concerned about the time and cost required during the interaction. On the one hand, contact center agents must hold the company’s good reputation with many regulations and a demanding workload. Besides the two problems mentioned above, below are examples of problems that contact centers often face:

  1. The waiting time for a response is too long

Customers who reach the contact center usually want their problems handled quickly. Sometimes customers have to wait a long time to get a response because the contact center agent has to transfer the problem to another department or check the customer’s identity first. These flaws can reduce the company’s value for the customer. Not only get a bad rating from the customers, but customers also have to spend much money on expensive telephone costs because the call takes too long for a response.

  1. A lot of data verification questions

Data verification is required to access the customer’s data. The data verification process usually consists of question lists such as residence, date of birth, or mother’s name. This process requires a long call time and can take the customer’s focus off the issue at hand.

  1. The data theft gap

Data theft can happen anywhere. Phone calls can also be hacked when the customer mentions personal data in the data verification process through the contact center. Moreover, if you are in a crowded situation when calling the contact center, the personal data mentioned can also be heard by other people around.


Voice Biometrics Solutions to Solve Contact Center Problems

After knowing the problems that the contact center often faces, it is time for your company to determine strategic steps to prevent these problems happen. Voice biometrics is one solution that can be considered. Voice biometrics is an identity verification technology that utilizes the human voice. Human voices are unique to each individual, so there is no longer a requirement for passwords or particular questions to prove the customer’s identity. Hence, customers will get a different experience and improve the quality of the company’s contact center services. Further explanation about the voice biometrics solution can be found here.


It is the right time for your company to take strategic steps to avoid the problems in the contact center that we have discussed in this article. The voice biometrics solution is one of the solutions offered by Phintraco Technology that can be used to solve those problems.


Contact us immediately to know more information about voice biometrics solutions at marketing@phintraco.com.




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