The Business Benefits of Using Application Performance Monitoring

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In today’s digital era, most companies are moving digital forward rapidly and starting to use digital platform to run their business. When business activities related to customer interactions and transactions are all in applications, a sluggish application or site can hurt the productivity of a business, and even the brand reputation. Therefore, companies need to detect and diagnose complex application performance regularly to maintain an expected level of service.

To monitor application performance effectively, companies need to use Application Performance Monitoring solutions. By taking full advantage of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), IT teams can monitor business applications and get complete information including the root cause, so that they can identify and fix the troubleshoot in fast and right ways.

The benefits of using Application Performance Monitoring solutions will affect the overall business performance, because the core factors of business continuity can be maintained by using this solution.  Then, what are the business benefits of using Application Performance Monitoring? Here are the details:

1. APM solutions allow companies to meet and exceed customer expectations

The main benefit of APM solutions is to continually satisfy end-users experience. Sluggish apps can hinder great experience, then they will likely go to competitors that provide better experience.

By implementing effective APM solutions, companies will be able to increase and maintain user satisfaction. APM solutions will provide real-time application performance insights that enable IT teams to react quickly when issues arise, including provide contextual data that helps IT teams to cut down the Mean Time To Identify (MTTI) and restore optimal application performance.

2. Making IT teams more valuable to the business

Today’s APM solutions are more advanced and provide business intelligence analytics, which can help IT teams to visualize and better understand how application performance issues impact business performance — both in sales or revenue conversions.

This benefit is not only help better align the technology implementation with the business, but it also helps IT teams to prioritize issue by resolving the problems that directly impact key business outcomes.

3. Creating better innovation

APM solutions will help companies to find customer needs and trends, then developing the best innovation for it. Investing in the right Application Performance Monitoring solutions will make an application more manageable. Then, developers can spend more their time in developing better features based on customer needs and relevant trends. By using this solution, recurrence of issues in an application can be reduced, so that developers can focus on their primary tasks, which to add and develop relevant features to meet customer needs and keep up with the trends.

After reading this article, you have learnt about the business benefits of using application performance monitoring. Then, have you considered it as your best solution to optimize the overall business performance?

A company may have tens to hundreds business applications, then it will likely not be adequate and inefficient if they do manual monitoring process. To do effective performance testing, companies need to observe all user’s journey within the application, application infrastructure, and also understand when, where, and why the user experience is affected during the application usage. Therefore, companies need Application Performance Monitoring solutions to monitor applications effectively and thoroughly.

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