Ensuring Employees’ Productivity with Workforce Management Solutions

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There are several things that can affect business growth. One of the key factors that influence business growth is employee productivity. However, many organizations face the challenge of managing their employee, work, and processes across business operations while adapting to new communications channels and evolving customer expectations. In this environment, balancing workload, staffing, and other resources across different functional areas can be critical for delivering effective customer services. To deliver flexibility to your customers, employees and business demand, you need a Workforce Management solution that can grow with your business.

In general, Workforce Management solution encompasses all of the processes that a contact center undertakes in order to have the right number of staff available at the right time, meet business demands, and improve efficiency in planning, scheduling, and staffing.

To overcome the problems in managing the right number of staff, workload, and company resources, Phintraco Technology comes with Verint Workforce Management solution. Verint Workforce Management is a web-based solution for planning, forecasting, and scheduling work as well as managing resources and processes across the enterprise, from contact centers to branch and back-office operations.

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management provides unified applications designed to help companies gain visibility into the work they perform, the activities of people who perform it, and the processes used to accomplish it.

Here are the key features or benefits of Verint Workforce Management:

  • Provides visibility into staffing, processes, and work

Verint Workforce Management provides visibility into staffing, processes, and work across the areas of your enterprise that impact the customer experience.

  • Enables accurate forecasting of work volumes

Verint Workforce Management are able to provide accurate forecasting of work volumes across functional groups, with the ability to efficiently schedule the appropriate resources to meet demand.

  • Leverages performance information

Verint Workforce Management leverages performance information as needed to help you achieve operational excellence and meet service-level agreements.

  • Helps you realize the advantages of a virtual workforce

By using Verint Workforce Management, companies will realize the advantages of a virtual workforce with the ability to pool and deploy available, cross-trained resources in different functional areas.

To sum up, by using Verint Workforce Management, the complex task of forecasting and scheduling, even with large numbers of employees, complex scheduling periods, and staffing profiles will be simplified. As a result, you can reduce costs by staffing appropriately to meet your workload, drive business growth and operational excellence, also improve employee effectiveness and productiveness.





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