Everything You Need to Know about Hyper Converged Infrastructure

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Most companies face IT infrastructure management complexity because the functions of these infrastructure is not integrated, so that the companies need to manage it separately (silos).

Since it becomes the common challenges companies face today, Phintraco Technology comes with solutions to centralize IT infrastructure management and monitoring by providing Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions. Have you heard about Hyper Converged Infrastructure? What are the functions and benefits of Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)?

Through this article, we will discuss further about everything you need to know about Hyper Converged Infrastructure – the definition, functions, and benefits of Hyper Converged for companies that are implementing it. Here are the details:

What is Hyper Converged Infrastructure?

Hyper Converged infrastructure or HCI is an IT framework that combines all elements of computing, storage, networking and virtualization resources into a predefined virtualization solution to minimize data center complexity and increase scalability.

What are the benefits of adopting Hyper Converged Infrastructure for companies?

HCI transforms the traditional IT operational model to the simple and unified management system. A company who adopt HCI will get these benefits:

  1. Increased IT Efficiency

HCI eliminates manual processes and reduce the need for expertise on a team. With HCI, a team can monitor and manage resources and improve storage capabilities. Besides, with HCI, IT infrastructure can be dynamically allocated to deliver the right amount of capacity to produce better performance and protection. All can be managed automatically by software, so they can eliminate complexity and improve efficiency.

  1. Reduce CAPEX

With HCI, companies can reduce CAPEX because it is a scale-up/scale-out architecture that requires only industry-standard x86 servers, not expensive, purpose-built networking. With these benefits, it is possible to cut the unexpected expenses related to the needs of IT infrastructure management.

  1. Greater ability to scale

Modern business should keep up with the trends and fast-changing environment. HCI makes IT teams easier to add more nodes to storage, so they can set up hardware in a few hours; spin up workloads in minutes.

This means that HCI makes companies to easily adapt to fast-changing environment. High performance, fast upgrade process, and easily scale up and out capabilities give companies the agility they need to adapt to the market demand and customer expectations.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure Use Cases

1. Data center consolidation

HCI will consolidate server, storage, networking and security into one single platform dramatically. Threfore, HCI can simplify the data center architecture and cut unexpected costs for operational and maintenance. 

2. Branch Offices

As we have mentioned before that HCI eliminates the complexity in IT infrastructure management, so that companies do not need to hire more specialized personnel if they have many branch offices, without negative impact on business productivity.

3. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

HCI offers a variety of data protection and disaster recovery features to help companies ensure their data integrity. From backup to continuous data protection (CDP), data can be protected effortlessly.

That is all the definition, benefits, and use cases of Hyper Converged Infrastructure. The next step are deciding is HCI can be the right solutions to overcome IT infrastructure challenges and complexity?

As an IT solutions provider, Phintraco Technology understand about the common challenges faced by the companies. Instead of having to focus on managing servers, storages, virtualization and backups that are time-consuming, as well as high resources and maintenance costs, it is better for the IT team to more focus on business development. This capability can be achieved by adopting a Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution.

Phintraco technology has a lot of competencies and experiences in implementing Hyper Converged Infrastructure in any sectors.

For those who are interested in Hyper Converged Infrastructure solutions and want to know further about how this solution can support your business success, do not hesitate contact us marketing@phintraco.com to get a consultation with our team experts.




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