Confront the Business Conditions in 2022 by Implementing Technology as a Whole to Your Company

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The last 2 years have been rough for businesses in all industries. Many companies continue to look for the right strategy to survive and stabilize their business economy during this pandemic. 2022 will be an unpredictable year since the pandemic still hits the world. Companies must be able to cope with uncertainties to continue growing.

Current business competition is getting tougher. The company does not only need to serve and fulfill the needs of customers who use its products. The company is also required to understand the needs of their internal customers, in this case, employees. This condition makes the company need the right strategy to meet the needs of its customers and employees so that they can continue to grow during a pandemic that is full of uncertainty.

The New Normal Is Not New Anymore

In 2022, people are starting to get used to the new-normal lifestyle. Hence, this new-normal lifestyle will become a “normal” or ordinary thing for everyone. Working virtually or working from anywhere will be applied by more companies. Customers will also get used to shopping online from home. Even if you want to travel, they want to have a different experience. The acceleration of digital transformation that occurred from 2020 until now must be updated because people will quickly switch to a product that has a better and safer customer experience.

Empathy is predicted to be crucial in improving customer experience in 2022 because customers will not quickly remember the experiences offered by the company. This pandemic period has made most people more sensitive because of the lifestyle changes. Therefore, customers will quickly remember if there are different experiences offered. Therefore, designing the right technology solutions by knowing your customer’s needs and leveraging personal touch is the key to creating a unique or special customer experience.

Whole Tech Experience: Implementing Technology as a Whole

The era that is continuously developing has made technology advances more sophisticated. Thus, utilizing technology is one of the right strategies to build and provide the best results for customers and stakeholders. Simplifying business processes and achieving cost efficiencies to maximize revenue can implement collaboration among various technology solutions to streamline business processes and achieve cost efficiencies to maximize revenue. Phintraco Group and subsidiaries offer a wide range of technology solutions that you can apply to your company as a whole. The best technology solutions from Phintraco Group and subsidiaries are ready to support your company from IT systems to back-end, front-end, middle-end and end-to-end. Phintraco Group has one of the subsidiaries that provide IT Infrastructure services called Phintraco Technology. Then Phintraco Consulting, commonly referred to as PhinCon, is a company engaged in the IT Consultant specialization for those who need accelerated business growth. Aplikas Servis Pesona, focused on IT Security. Besides, Phintraco Group also has a subsidiary specializing in customer experience called Mitracomm Ekasarana, which will provide the best customer service agents to serve your company’s customers.


Apply #WholeTechExperience to your company and use technology solutions thoroughly. Create a work environment that can improve employee performance and customer experience, which will increase company revenue with optimal cost efficiency.


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