The Importance of Omnichannel Strategy for Business in the Digital Era

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As technology moves so quickly in today’s digital era, it has radically transformed customer behavior as well as business operations. Now every customer can easily find out information about a brand, anytime and anywhere. This is what makes customers expect to have easy transactions in any way, anytime, as fast as possible, and with the same brand experience.

Moreover, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic seems “forcing” all of us to utilize digital platform as well as possible and make our buying decisions online. To conclude, the pandemic is propelling a shift toward a customer behavior and making the number of transactions continue to rise at a rapid speed. With this emerging trend, an omnichannel strategy has therefore become a key requisite for businesses, allowing them to “survive and thrive”.

What is Omnichannel Strategy?

For those who are not familiar with this term, let us first find out about the definition of omnichannel strategy.

An omnichannel strategy is a business model where a business presents united services across all communication channels to increase the quality of customer experience. It’s about providing an integrated brand image and customer experience, regardless of the method or platform a company uses to sell and market its products or services, both for online and offline.

All customer journeys across channels will be integrated, so that the brand can understand their customer better and provide proactive services based on customer preferences and needs. The advantages of having omnichannel strategy are not only for the customers, but also for company itself.

If a business implement this omnichannel strategy, the customer reference gap between each customer with different generations is not a matter. Every customer can choose their own favorite channels to interact with a brand, and best customer experience will be effectively delivered.

With all the benefits and advantages provided by omnichannel strategy, then we can clearly see that it has become imperative for businesses to provide an omnichannel experience for their customers. Let us move forward to know further about tools or technology that can support you to achieve your omnichannel goals and what it brings to the table for your business.

Benefits of Using Omnichannel Solutions for Your Business in the Digital Era

To help companies implement the right omnichannel strategy for their business, Phintraco Technology offers omnichannel solutions from Avaya. It is called Avaya Oceana, which is an omnichannel solution for companies to provide seamless customer experiences.

By implementing this solution, you are able to deliver the experience your customer expect through any channels, because it supports all media—including chat, email, SMS, co-browse, intelligent chatbot, video, all social media channels, and Internet of Things—across various devices.

Regardless of the channel your customers choose or even when they choose to use multiple different channels at the same time, this omnichannel solution will deliver a single view of customers and their journey across channels. All the customer activities will be delivered in real-time for agents, makes them understand for what’s next, and choose the right channels to communicate with customers.

Even when agents may reach out to a subject matter expert elsewhere within organizations for support,  they can send it straight to the subject matter expert to produce desired results. Therefore, you will always be able to ensure your service quality to customers.

By providing a clear and complete view of customer journeys, this solution can give these following benefits and advantages:

  • Drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Create a brand experience your customer expect.
  • Optimize agent and employee productivity.
  • Align staff with enterprise goals.

Deliver the Experience Your Customers Expect with Omnichannel Strategy

As customer and competitive pressure always continue to grow, do not hesitate to start your omnichannel strategy and deliver your best in customer service!

By implementing omnichannel strategy, you can offer a truly differentiated experience and personalized services to your customer with full context across all touch points, and at the same time having a position in front of your customers’ growing expectations.


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