Improving Business Communication Effectiveness with Unified Communication Solutions

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Technology has a big impact on business operations. One of the most essential roles of technology in today’s business is for improving business communication effectiveness, both for internal communication or external communication (with customers).

In current pandemic situation, a technology that helps businesses to maintain communication effectiveness without the need for a physical meeting becomes a must-have technology along with the implementation of digital workspace, to make all employees stay on the same page no matter where they are. To solve those challenges, companies can implement Unified Communication solutions.

What is Unified Communication (UC)?

Unified Communication is a solution that combines multiple enterprise communications channels, such as voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing, not limited by distance, time and media. Unified Communication enables employees to choose the most effective way to communicate with their colleagues or customers.

Benefits of Using Unified Communication (UC) for Businesses

Unified Communication solutions simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. These are the benefits of using Unified Communication:

  • Improving employees’ accessibility and productivity, because this solution helps all employees to work without limited by distance, space, or time. It enables employees to implement work-from-anywhere culture, so all employees are always ready to meet unplanned work head on.
  • All employees can communicate and collaborate in a single, flexible platform that has everything they need. So, it can reduce operational costs such as travel, IT operations, and telecommunications.
  • It provides complete communication and collaboration tools for teams, so that it leads to faster business growth.

Phintraco Technology, as an IT solutions and services provider, offers Avaya’s Unified Communication solutions. Phintraco Technology has become Avaya’s business partner since 2000, providing Avaya’s comprehensive solutions such as for Contact Center, Communication Cloud, Omni-channel, and Unified Communication.

Avaya’s Unified Communication solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real-time, in the mode best suited to each interaction to eliminate inefficiencies in communications, and make employees more productive and responsive.

The Key Capabilities of Phintraco Technology’s Unified Communication Solutions

· Flexible and Scalable

With Unified Communication solution, you can use various features available in accordance with your needs as your business accelerates. You can purchase only what you need when you need it, and add new functionality when you are ready. This solution supports from two to thousands of users at one or across multiple locations.

· Unified Communication Platform

Create a seamless engagement experience for your employees and customers, regardless of their locations, devices, or applications. Every user can have telephony, instant messaging, video, and other communication channels in a single and flexible platform.

· Secure and Reliable

By using this Unified Communication solution, every user can communicate easily and securely without complexity.

· High Mobility

Each employee has just one number that customers use to reach them in any location, on any device. Give remote and mobile staff in-office capabilities from virtually any device.

· Business Application Integration

If you are using our Unified Communication solutions, you can embed your unified communication capabilities directly into the cloud-based applications you already use like Google Apps, Office 365, Skype for business, Lync, Salesforce, and more.

·  Team Meeting Space

Unified Communication solutions comes with meeting space and cloud-based team collaboration that can be accessed anywhere by all employees and customers to hold virtual meeting that seamlessly integrates voice, video, tasks and content sharing, and more.

By centralizing all business communication tools into one platform, all users can communicate and collaborate effectively at anywhere, and in any way. Therefore, employees productivity will increase because more activities and tasks can be completed easily and quickly.

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